On Thursday, July 7th, Shayne Allen Logan was arrested by the Amarillo Police Department.  He was charged with arson with intent to damage habitat/place of worship, evading arrest, and violation of a bond/protective order.

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Logan, 39, is charged in connection with a garage fire at SW 46th and South Hughes street that Amarillo Fire Department responded to yesterday at 2:35pm.

According to a Facebook post posted by Amy Wheeler, Logan allegedly threw a pipe bomb through a window of her home.  Damage included smoke damage in the front of the house, and the fire destroyed the back of the home and garage.

Wheeler lived in an apartment attached to the garage and that was the portion of the house that was destroyed. No damage was sustained to the front house. x

Per Wheeler's posts, she lost everything in the fire.

The fire was located on SW 46th and South Hughes Street.  Damages caused by the blaze were estimated to be $50,000. There were no reported injuries.

Logan has a prior criminal history, according to Randall County court records. Prior convictions include offenses of deadly conduct, sexual assault of a child, prohibited substances in a correctional facility.

Felony charges for the arson have been filed in court as of July 7. Logan remains in Randall County jail in lieu of a $50,000 bond

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