Let's face it, Summer has been hot.  Way too hot.

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Usually, summer is hot in Texas, but not this hot, it's been 100-plus-degree temps in most locations all over Texas.  It's time for a reprieve from the heat.

Luckily Fall is just around the corner, and Texas will be able to enjoy football and hoodie weather.   Fall brings us everything we love like football, pumpkin spice, pumpkins, Halloween, hoodies and sweaters, and the changing of the leaf colors.

Unfortunately, we might be leaving the hoodies in the closet for longer than normal.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, we will see above-average temps for Fall this year.

Average Fall Temps:

  • Texas Panhandle: September - 82, October - 72, November - 60
  • West Texas: September - 90, October - 80, November - 69
  • North Texas: September - 79, October - 67, November - 55
  • Central Texas: September - 88, October - 78, November - 68
  • East Texas: September - 88, October - 66, November - 67
  • South Texas: September - 90, October - 87, November - 74

Expect temperatures in September, October, and November to be above those numbers.

However, the warmer temperatures won't be extreme, we'll just have to hold off on our Fall clothing for a longer period.

On a positive note, the frigid temps in the stands on Friday football nights will hold off for a while, all you probably will need is that hoodie in the evening or a light jacket.

We all know how crazy the weather can be in Texas, we just hope we don't burn in the Summer heat until fall drops it a bit.  This just means will have to get our first pumpkin-spiced latte iced instead of hot this year.

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