Pampa, Texas just a short drive from Amarillo, is full of great restaurants, and many of those restaurants have seen some struggles over the last year.

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Last May we shared with you about an amazing BBQ joint opening in a new location in Pampa called Fatt Weller's

Photo Courtesy of Fatt Weller's
Photo Courtesy of Fatt Weller's

They just celebrated their 2nd anniversary on October 30th.

Unfortunately, Fatt Weller's is now permanently closed. Their last day was on Thursday, November 30th.

Ladies and Gentleman it is with sincere regret we inform you we will be PERMANENTLY CLOSING.
For those of you that have supported us these last 2 years we are forever grateful! You are a key role to our dream becoming our reality!

This was a place full of awesomeness. They were the type of business that celebrated birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, and milestones with their staff and the entire community.

My staff by far is the reason we continued to push. I think my team was our biggest blessing. I had 50% of my staff being kids under the age of 18 who are hard-working, loyal, dependable, and just all-around excellent people. I really couldn’t have prayed for a better team to build our brand with. They were our heartbeat for sure.

Just from looking through their social media, Fatt Weller's was full of fun and love!


We are super sad to see such a fun place close its doors.  We wish Kody and Deah Weller all the best in their future endeavors.

Photo Courtesy of Fatt Weller's
Photo Courtesy of Fatt Weller's

It's hard in this day and age, and everyone is feeling the money crunch. That's why it is vital to support your local home-owned businesses, they are feeling the financial crunch just like the rest of us, but even more. For most local businesses this is how they provide for their family.

The next time you go out to buy a gift, a meal, or even a coffee, make it a choice to choose your local home-owned establishments first. They are your neighbors and they share their passion with the entire community.  Plus, it's great knowing that the dollars you spend at a locally-owned business go back into your community and support your neighbors and not corporations.

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