The Amarillo Fire Department was busy on Wednesday, November 9th, and early Thursday, November 10th.

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Wednesday, November the 9th found Amarillo Fire Fighters fighting two different blazes throughout town.

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The Amarillo Fire Department was called out to a structure fire at 9:31 PM at 201 S. Pierce.  The fire was located in the vacant Panhandle Laundry and Dry Cleaning Building.   The two-story building was filled with heavy smoke.   Firefighters could not locate the fire when they first entered the building.  They were finally able to locate the fire and put it out.  The Fire Marshall is still investigating the incident.   They will make the second time a fire has been put out in this building.  The destruction of the first fire created multiple hazards for firefighters this time.   AFD did not disclose what could have caused this fire.

Google Maps
Google Maps


The second fire occurred early Thursday morning, November 10th,  firefighters responded to a call in the 2600 block of South Van Buren at 12:06 am.  On arrival AFD found smoke coming from the back of the home.   They were able to stretch their fire hose down the alley and began fighting the fire.  They found the fire in the carport.  AFD also entered the home from the front and back of the house to conduct a search.  All the occupants were able to evacuate the home.  AFD did save a cat, dog, and puppies from the home.  The Fire Marshall is still investigating and has found this fire accidental.  They believe that a broken electrical line caused the fire, but cannot determine this as the cause until the investigation is completed.

Thanks to the Amarillo Fire Department for serving our community.

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