Yesterday I was out at the baseball fields coaching.

Of course I was, it's where I live outside of work. That's not the crazy thing that happened yesterday.

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We had a doubleheader yesterday. For those of you not up on your baseball lingo, that two games in one day.

Our first game was absolutely perfect. 85 degrees, sun out, not a cloud in the sky. Not to mention those West Texas winds weren't whipping around.

Our first game wraps up around 7:30, and we await the start of the second game. We get underway with the same conditions, but the sun starting to set a bit off in the distance.

About 25 minutes into the second game, everything changed. There was no warning of what was about to happen.

The temperature dropped a good 15 degrees out of nowhere, and we went from completely calm to 50 MPH gusts of wind popping off.

It wasn't just the gusts of wind, those we can deal with. It remained a constant 30-35 mph wind the rest of the game, a good hour or so.

You could see the dust and haze in the sky that was just clear as clear could be 25 minutes prior. Dirt from every field out at Rick Klein blowing like crazy. Dust devils were popping up everywhere.

That wind storm was so wild that it got WORLDWIDE attention. How do I know that? This Australian new site picked up a video from someone in Amarillo about it and wrote on it!

Now I know the region is known for its crazy weather swings, but I don't know that I've ever seen one of our dust storms gain attention and coverage in another country.

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