Most people struggle to make ends meet in Amarillo and all through Texas.  The rising costs of everything are hitting household budgets left and right.  Even the littlest cost can hurt.

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It's not going to get easier.

Gas Prices Rise

The average gas price in Texas right now is $3.30 per gallon for regular unleaded.   The average price in Texas has jumped from $3.25 last week to this week.

Amarillo Gas Prices

Although Amarillo is paying less per gallon than the Texas average at $3.09 per gallon of regular unleaded, gas prices jumped 12 cents in a week.  Last week, Amarillo was paying $2.97.  Although 12 cents isn't much, it adds up the more gallons of gas you purchase.   San Antonio gas prices jumped 12 cents, and El Paso gas prices jumped 15 cents per gallon.

The highest price per gallon right now is in Dallas which is $3.44 per gallon, where gas prices only rose 6 cents this week.   Lubbock is currently the cheapest in Texas per gallon, $3.07, and dropped 1 cent from last week.

How is it that Amarillo's gas prices jumped so high?

It's not just Amarillo, a higher demand in April is why we are paying higher prices this week. As the weather gets warmer, more people drive and use more fuel. With Memorial Day weekend approaching, we can expect prices at the pump to keep rising in the coming weeks.

Texas is still well below the National average, $3.67 per gallon.


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