If you are looking to get your cowgirl on, a new boutique is popping up in Westgate Mall.

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The Edgy Cowgirl is a new boutique that has opened in Westgate Mall.   The Edgy Cowgirl is a clothing haven for those who want a little western edge in their wardrobe.

The Edgy Cowgirl has it all for women, men, teen, toddler, infant, maternity and plus sizes.

Aubrey Burris/TSM Amarillo
Aubrey Burris/TSM Amarillo

They carry some pretty unique pieces for your wardrobe.  Not only do they carry edgy and new, they also have vintage clothing.  If you are looking for some vintage wranglers or vintage Rockies, you have to stop in The Edgy Cowgirl.  Yes, you read that right, Rockies aka Rocky Mountain Jeans.   They have a rainbow of colors waiting for you to stop by and try.

Aubrey Burris/TSM Amarillo

The Edgy Cowgirl has been in business for 2 years, but this is their first time in Westgate Mall.  They are a pop up shop open Friday, Saturdays and Sundays through March in Westgate Mall.  They also have a location in Borger and also online.

What is a pop up shop?

It's a retail store that is open temporarily, it should be seasonal or a shop that is following a trending need.

This looks like a fun boutique to shop.  With Spring and the warm weather coming our way, we'll be seeing more concerts and rodeos. With all those activities, you have to have a new outfit or two or twelve.

Oh and did I mention they have Rockies.

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