Halloween is just around the corner and spooky season has already started.

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The great thing about Halloween is in the past 10 years people are starting to decorate their houses for Halloween.  Some turn their front lawn into graveyards others find the cutest inflatable, while others put up ginormous skeletons.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

In recent years, 12 ft. skeletons have become the rage in Halloween decor, and not only that, those tall bony creatures stick around through the rest of the holidays and just change their look.

There's even a TikTok with a traveling 12ft Skeleton.

Keep in mind, even though they are fun to look at and see in the Halloween decor, these fellas or ladies, have a pretty hefty price tag if you purchase them.

So kudos, to those Halloween decorators who go above and beyond to keep us entertained as we drive around our neighborhoods during the spooky season.

Plus, if a house is this extensively decorated with giant skeletons, you know they have some really great candy.

We've started a map to find the best 12 ft Skeleton decorations in the Amarillo Area.

If you have one of these spooky skeletons in your yard or you know of an awesome house that's decorated, let us know and we'll add it to the map!

We're on a mission to find all the 12 ft. skeletons in Amarillo, we'd love for you to help us out.

In the meantime are you ready for Halloween?  The spooky season is almost upon us.

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