You don't see this very often.

A cow was wedged in a tree as the water rose quickly during Hurricane Ida.

Like so many other animals during the hurricane, this cow was displaced and put into an area where it probably shouldn't be.

Luckily a few good employees with St. Bernard Parish were able to come to the cow's rescue while it was in distress.

Since the storm passed through southeastern Louisiana last weekend, we have seen alligators and even dolphins show up in places that you normally would not see them.

Let this be a reminder that if you're in an area that recently flooded, there could be things lurking that otherwise would not be there.

Stay alert. Stay safe.

While some applauded the men's effort here, others elected to be critical of the men using their time to free the animal. Here are just some of the comments I came across on this story.

As I mentioned earlier here, the cow isn't the only animal that showed up in a random location after Hurricane Ida. This dolphin ended up in a neighborhood pond in Slidell.

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