Google has followed up on last year's big Pokemon invasion event by making Pac-Man playable on Google Maps in celebration of April Fool's Day.

Anyone who opens up Google Maps is in for a pleasant, retro surprise. Last year, Google Maps offered a massive Pokemon scavenger hunt event for April Fool's Day. This time, you can play Pac-Man on the streets of your city or town. The cool part about this year's challenge is that you can play Pac-Man on any street you want (as long as there are enough to make a viable match) from the comfort of your home — no quarters required! Last year, Google rewarded business cards and certificates to those who mastered its Pokemon-collecting mini-game that it launched for April Fool's Day. Those lucky few have the official title of "Pokemon Master," which is quite awesome.

For all you youngsters out there who don't have a clue how to play Pac-Man (you'd be surprised), you play as that moving, yellow pie graph. The goal of the game is to eat all of the Pac-Dots (or tiny yellow circles) on the screen as well as the occasional cherry, strawberry, peach, apple, etc. along the way. You will need to keep away from the ghosts that are trying to kill you. When you chomp on a Power Pellet (the large Pac-Dot), you will will be able to eat the ghosts, instead of avoiding them. The level is finished once you eat all the Pac-Dots on the screen without dying.

If you're bored, hop on Google Maps now and play some Pac-Man or just start exploring some famous town you've always wanted to visit.

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