Growing up, Joe Nichols says he was about as smooth as a cheese grater when it came to women. Those are his words, and they're shocking when you look at and listen to him now. With a sexy new single called "Undone" climbing the radio charts, Nichols talked about his awkward first attempts at love and romance.

In high school, he approached the head cheerleader for a date. That girl liked him enough to give him a second chance ... because he needed one.

"Maybe she was desperate or something," Nichols says. "And I asked her out one time, I think I complimented her boobs. She was like, 'Really?' Well, I'm here if you wanna try again.'"

Watch above to see Nichols impersonate his teenage self. Eventually, he learned that some girls appreciate his sense of humor. A little later, he found true love with wife Heather.

"She's almost countrier than me," he shares, "I think that was one of the first things that attracted me to her. Not only is she beautiful, but she loves the old stuff."

The couple bond over Merle Haggard, but Nichols says he turns to R&B artists like Lou Rawls if he wants to heat up the night. Many of his fans are turning to his new song "Undone," the next from an upcoming studio album that also features "Freaks Like Me" and a cover of "Baby Got Back." Yes, that "Baby Got Back."

Nichols talked to Taste of Country prior to his set at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn. earlier this month.

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