There's nothing like staying up late. well for some of us that's the reality of the shift we work. So what do you do when you hear the primal call to fill your belly here in the yellow city? well we might just have a few options. and for the purposes of this article I'm avoiding the drive thrus. I'd prefer a sit down myself only for the sake of the occasional people watching.

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A Table Tent with the number 74 at a Whataburger Resturant
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

Of course this makes the list no question. and let's face it. there's nothing like a nice double with bacon and cheese... or if you're like me the only thing you want after 11pm is biscuits and gravy... haven't had that yet? The universe is calling and it will change your life.

The Drunken Oyster

fresh oysters plate isolated on white wooden background

Now the idea of getting a nice seafood meal overnight... might not be for the faint of heart buy sometimes you need a change from the burger routine. I'd recommend the catfish myself or the Cajun fish and chips if you need the deep fry in your life

Waffle House, Denny's, IHOP


Now I actually put these in an order... I'd say get to the Waffle House first. there is a certain charm about the place... I don't exactly know how to put it. but Breakfast in the overnight is always satisfying. I prefer the first two because there's nothing like sitting at the counter. Maybe you got a group? Well the IHOP might be a better bet for a bigger table. just make sure there's hot sauce to go with them eggs.



Now I know what you're thinking here... Mike you told me sit down places... well your own place is a sit down place. and why not grab a few items at the store and do it yourself! the only downside is you gotta clean up your own mess... but hey!!! no need to worry about 15% afterwards right?

Now there's one big thing here. whatever you do... don't over do it. might make it a little harder to sleep.

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