The score: Happy State Bank ATM: 1, Crook with a forklift: 0.

Early Thursday morning, Amarillo Police were called to a report of a traffic accident at the intersection of 26th and Georgia. When they arrived, the didn't find a vehicle accident, but an abandoned telescopic handler forklift wedged in a ATM machine. Police discovered a driverless forklift that appeared to have stabbed and pried at the Happy State Bank ATM several times. Steve Hoyl, the man that took the photos of the incident, said it looks like the forklift was hot-wired and stolen from a nearby job site.

It appears to police, and anyone who has seen the pictures, that the caper was unsuccessful. When the crook realized they couldn't break the ATM, they gave up and fled the scene. Amarillo Police are continuing to investigate and Happy State Bank says that there was no money lost during the incident - only the crook's pride.


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