In the Oliver-Eakle district in Amarillo, there is a school by the name of Landergin Elementary School. Have you ever wondered about the history of this school and who it is named after?

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The school is named after Alice Landergin Nobles. She was the daughter of one of the Texas Panhandle's great cattlemen Patrick H. Landergin. However, she is not known as the daughter of someone great she is known for her love and contributions to the children as well as the community of the Amarillo community.

Alice Landergin School, Amarillo, Texas, photograph, June 30, 1928; ( accessed June 16, 2022), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum.
Alice Landergin School, Amarillo, Texas, photograph, June 30, 1928;  University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,  crediting Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum.

Alice Landergin was born in 1889, as a young child her sister Harriet passed away, and her family took in a little girl whose mother had passed away as a companion to Alice. The family moved to the Texas Panhandle in 1905.  When the family moved into the area a cousin of Alice, Virginia Corbin, moved with them and she was a graduate of Wellesley College, Alice was able to study with her for 3 years.  Alice moved to Kansas to study and graduated with her degree in 1912.

After she graduated she moved back to Amarillo, It was at this time the Landergin family home was being built at 16th and Polk St. The home is still here and is on the National Registry of Historic Homes. Unfortunately, her mother passed before the home was finished so Alice was given the responsibility for making this a home for her father and uncle. She turned their home into a place friends, family, businessmen, and the community loved to visit.


Yancey, Michael D. [Landergin House, (Northeast oblique)], photograph, Summer 1975; University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,  crediting Texas Historical Commission.[/caption]Alice never let her family's wealth overtake her and didn't live lavishly or in high society. She was always one who wanted to give back to the community.

In 1917 Alice began her work with the Central Presbyterian Church, she served as the Superintendent of the Primary Department of Sunday School, and while serving the church she was able to help hundreds of children.  She also helped develop the corps of teachers.  Alice also prepared and helped with the presentation of the Christmas programs, which the community highly revered and attended.

Alice was also an original trustee for the Presbyterian Home for Children, where she spent many hours with the children.  She also made time to visit the poor and sick in the hospital, sharing kind words or sending or delivering flowers to bring cheer.

Not only was Alice involved in all these things to help the community and children, but she also worked for her father and uncle doing the books and keeping the business office running.  In fact, she eventually became the Secretary and Treasurer of the Landergin Bros. Co.

In 1920, Alice married Grady C. Nobles, and they made their home in the Landergin House.   They were married for 8 years until Alice passed on Easter morning April 8, 1928.  Alice in her husband never had any children of their own.  It is said that Alice was unable to have children, but that was something that was never spoken about during that day and age.  However, she chose to surround herself with children and help children.

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Because of her contribution to this city the new school was named after her, and 94 years later children attending the school still know her name.  They may not know all about her and her contributions, but her name lives on.

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