If you've never heard of the Gambler 500, you're missing out. It started in Oregon and has spread across the world.

There was really only one rule to the race. You can spend no more than $500 on your car. Modify or build whatever you want, just keep it to $500.

Next weekend, Gambler 500 will be having the HooptieX. The website refers to it as "...the most accessible off-road racing series on the planet."

The website says it is "Open to daily drivers, junkyard beaters, UTVs, Trophy Trucks or your mom's minivan. And they mean it.

Just take a look at this video from the Gambler 500's Facebook page of the event. There's basically no limit on what you can run. It's all about fun.

The race is timed, but it isn't about winning. It's about having fun in your hooptiest hooptie with an awesome community.

Probably the best news is that the event is actually going to be held within road tripping distance. The race will be at Buffalo Springs, near Lubbock.

Here's a link with more information on the event and ticket pricing, plus registration info if you and some buddies want to take something down to put in the race.

Again, it pretty much doesn't matter what it is as long as it drives.

Here is the Gambler 500's Facebook page where you can get more information about the events they hold. Here is the link to the Texas Gambler's Facebook page for more info on things happening in-state.

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