Last August, we said goodbye to Marshall Coffee Company after 21 years. Although the building remained, the landscape looked a little different along Bell Street after they closed their doors. No longer did we see lines of cars waiting to get a quick hit of java to kick off their day. But life is about to return to the old Marshall Coffee building.

Another local coffee company has announced they are moving in and reopening the location. Roaster's Coffee and Tea Company announced they will remodel the building at 4709 South Bell Street to become their 3rd location.

It had been reported a few months ago by Panhandle PBS, that new building owner Wood Financial was looking to place business offices in the former Marshall location. However, Wood decided to expand another one of their properties for it's offices and lease the Marshall location to Roasters.

At this time, no opening date has been set. However owners say that the full menu available at the existing 2 locations, we be served at the new Bell Street location when it opens.

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