Everything is bigger and better in Texas. But, when it comes to patriotism, you might be surprised as to where the Lone Star State falls compared to other states.

According to WalletHub, Texas sadly ranks 32nd on their list of the most patriotic states in America. I know. Sounds like a bunch of hogwash, right?

To come up with their rankings, the website compared two key dimensions, military engagement, and civic engagement. Then, they compiled 12 different metrics like the number of enlisted military personnel, the number of veterans, voting percentage and volunteer rate and more.

While Texas didn't rank too bad in military engagement (20th), we tanked in our civic engagement (41st).

Check out the top 10 patriotic states and where Texas ranks.

1. Virginia
2. Alaska
3. South Carolina
4. Colorado
5. Georgia
6. Hawaii
7. Montana
8. Alabama
9. Washington
10. New Hampshire
32. Texas

Check out WalletHub for the complete rankings.

Are you as surprised as we are on where Texas ranked?

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