When temperatures hit triple digits everything is hot.  When everything is that hot its hard to cool it down quickly.

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One of the hottest things we have to deal with is a vehicle.   A car will sit outside in the heat just absorbing the sun rays that are beating down on a hot day.  That process will turn your car into an oven.

Most people would love nothing more than to turn the car on and crank up the AC and walk away for a few minutes, but unfortunately that is illegal. You want your car cooled off and you want it cooled off quickly.

How do you cool your car off on a hot day, and fast?

You want that hot air out of the car as fast as possible.  This means you will have to get that hot air moving.  The easiest way is to roll down your windows.  Then open the passenger door and start waving it back and forth 5-10x.  This will pump new air into the car and the hot air out.

Now if you don't want to look like a weirdo in the parking lot at work.  You'll have to find another way to make the air move.

Circulate the hot air out of the car.

Modern car climate control system close up view

Roll down the windows and crank up the AC, make sure the cooling part isn't on and you are using the outside air switch and not the recycling air switch.  By having the fresh air from outside air circulating with the inside air, you are moving the hot air out and the fresh air in.  After a few minutes, switch your AC on to blow cold air, flip the switch back to recycling the air from the inside, roll up the window and drive.  Your car is now cooled off.

Use a sunshade or park in the shade.

Now this won't keep your car from heating up inside, but it will keep it from heating up to the temperatures to bake a pan of cookies.  If you park under a tree for shade be prepared to wash your car because, birds don't care.

Crack your windows enough that the air can circulate in and out of the car all day.

You can always wet a rag with cold water before you leave and hang it over the vents.  However, this is a messier way to help cool your car off.

Or just get in the car, crank on the AC and drive.  You'll be sweating and praying for some cool air and in about 3 minutes, your car will start to cool off and that moment spent in a sauna will cease.

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