This has been a rather weird year for weather. We had a little bit of everything. They say if you don't like the weather here just wait ten minutes and it will change. Oh how that is true.

Our weather this year gave our weathermen a run for the money. We had the ice and unusually cold Texas weather in February. We even had some flooding. It sure wouldn't be Texas if we didn't have the winds. Now the summer months gave us over one hundred degree temperatures way before we officially hit summer on our calendar. So we really never know what to expect.

Once we hit the summer months our temperatures have been mild. I mean yes, we had some hot days. Not really the over the century mark like we did earlier. It was hot though. It has been consistently in the nineties for a while.

So nothing looked better than taking a glance at next weeks forecast. The hottest day right now is next Friday, but it still won't hit 90. How glorious does that sound? Only in the eighties next week. Most of the week will even be in the lower eighties. Of course like everything else this can change.

It's nice to hear because I've had discussions with friends who say they needed to mow but it's just been a bit toasty for them. Next week may be the week to do anything outdoors that you need. Even the rain chances don't look too bad. As we sit right now our best chance is on Wednesday.

So let's all rejoice that next week will be nice. Make your plans and get outdoors. You won't melt. That is for sure.

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