It is exciting to see Canyon getting so many new businesses.   Sometimes the new businesses come at a loss for another business.

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Back in June 2022, we shared that Pure Water Ice and Tea located at 5th and 23rd was closing its doors.  They closed the business on June 28, 2022.   After further digging, we were able to find out that HTeaO was moving into the location, although we were not able to get confirmation from the HTeaO owners.

The rumors continued and eventually, it was confirmed that HTeaO was moving into Canyon to offer up their delicious teas.  After a very long wait of over a year, people in Canyon will once again be able to get delicious tea at 504 23rd Street.

HTeaO Canyon's Grand Opening happens on September 1st!

This has been a very long wait for Canyon, but it is finally happening.  The date is so close you can almost taste the tea.

Since the new location will be opening soon, they are currently hiring team members to come and share this amazing tea with the people of Canyon.  If you are 16 or older you can apply, here. 

Just another great new business for Canyon's ever-growing community.   Soon Canyon will have a Whataburger, a fast food restaurant that college students have been dreaming of near campus for decades.   Pondeseta Brewing Co. is opening up a second location in Canyon at the Santa Fe Depot, and Wing Stop will be opening across the street from HTeaO.

The community of Canyon and the students of WTAMU will have so many great choices for food and refreshments.

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