As I was driving down Bell I noticed orange cones blocking the drive of HUD's.

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What does this mean?  I just thought it was because it was the 4th of July, they put them there so people didn't think they were open on the holiday.

But no, it wasn't the holiday.  They. Are. Closed.

(Insert the crying emoji here)

Ok, I'm done being dramatic.  Yes, they are closed but guess what they will be reopening soon.  All HUD's restaurants in Amarillo are closed this week.  This includes the food truck.

When I saw that they were closed, I will admit my heart sank just a bit.  They have some really amazing food.  Their breakfast burritos are a great way to fuel up before work.  Their hamburgers are some of the best in Amarillo, oh and their jalapeno chicken bites are delicious.

Let's talk about those Cherry Limes, Hud's Cherry Limes are the best, and the great thing about their Cherry Limes, is they come in diet as well.  So if you are watching your calorie intake, then you can still enjoy a delicious Cherry Lime!

There is a banner posted at the HUD's on Bell near 45th that says they are remodeling and will be open on July 12th.  If you have pulled onto Bell off 45th going north and realized you didn't have to dodge cars waiting in line at Hud's this is why.

If you're craving HUD's hold onto that craving, just a bit longer.  They will reopen and you will get all their amazing food.  July 11th and 12th will be here before you know it!

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