When it comes to hunting in Texas, the Texas Parks and Wildlife has rules and regulations that you have to follow as a hunter.  One of those is having a hunting license.

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Texas, as with most states has designated hunting seasons for different animals.  There is a specific season to hunt deer, pheasants, and even ducks.  However, did you know that there are several types of animals that you can hunt year-round?

Do I need a hunting license?

As with regular hunting, you have to have a hunting license and you must have permission of the property owner or own the property you are hunting on.

Animals You Can Hunt Year Round in Texas

Certain animals can be hunted in the Lone Star State all year round. However, there are still rules put in place by the Texas Parks and Wildlife that have to be followed or you are breaking the law.

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These animals may be hunted at any time by lawful means, and on private property.   If you are using public lands, check before you hunt because those lands may have restrictions.  Remember it is illegal to take any of these non-game species and use them for commercial purchases, which means you cannot sell them, exchange them for something else, or barter them.

If you aren't sure what you're hunting is allowed or if they have a legal hunting season you can always visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Website.

Always be safe while hunting, and be aware of your environment and who is with you while you are hunting.  Always be extra cautious.

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