In the meteorological world, tropical storms and hurricanes are measured by their sustained winds speeds. And although we are nowhere near the coast, we didn't escape hurricane force winds on Wednesday in the Texas panhandle. A tropical storm has winds of 39-74mph and a hurricane has winds over 74mph. We checked both those boxes!

Credit: National Weather Service Amarillo

In Amarillo, the weather station at Rick Husband International Airport, which is the official reporting station for Amarillo, clocked a wind gust of a whopping 80mph! If you travel a little further north however, the weather station near Fritch took the top spot with a gust of 84mph. As you can see from the National Weather Service's image above, gusts ranged anywhere from 70-80mph around the immediate Amarillo area. I think it is safe to say that we have had our fill of wind for awhile, but we all know that in the panhandle, the wind will most certainly be back.