As technology evolves, so does the world of agriculture.   Amarillo and Lubbock are about to see a big change in the way crops are grown.

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In the past, the only way you could grow a plant was in the dirt and soil.  Sometimes it would grow, sometimes it wouldn't.  As time progressed farmers and scientists figured out what soil was good for this plant or that plant.  This plant could be planted in this environment, but this one cannot.

Fast forward to today and we are learning that plants don't even need soil to grow.  They can grow in water.


What is hydroponics?

the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil.

The face of agriculture in Amarillo and Lubbock is about to change as a new company is moving into both cities.

Plant Agricultural Systems known as PLANT-AS is bringing their technologies into the Yellow and Hub cities.  PLANT-AS is a company based in Florida.  The mission of PLANT-AS is to dynamically enable society’s transition to more sustainable methods of food production, distribution, and consumption.

According to Business Facilities, PLANT-AS plans for Amarillo include Controlled Environment Agriculture production facilities.  The facilities are expected to be 9 million square feet on 400 acres.  PLANT-AS will be located at Centerpoint East at Highway 60 and Parsley Road.

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PLANT-AS is investing $510 million into the Amarillo project.  The site is expected to grow fresh produce including leafy greens and vine crops including tomatoes.  Over the next 7 years, the facility is expected to employ over 700 full-time employees.

The Lubbock PLANT-AS facility will have over 13.3 million square feet and span over 700 acres.  The company will invest $670 million in the Lubbock plant and over the next 10 years plans to employ over 900 full-time employees.

This will change the way Amarillo and Lubbock citizens look at produce.  Just think it will be another great source of produce when we shop and know that these greens and vegetables came from our area.

Hydroponics is fascinating and it will give the High Plains and West Texas another way to produce food. This is important, especially in those seasons where drought harms our crops.   Not only is this a great addition to each city in the food aspect, but it is opening doors for employment and city growth.

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