Texas Interstate 27 in Amarillo is unique because it abruptly ends as you are entering downtown.

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The portion of I-27 between Georgia and Downtown Amarillo has been under construction forever.   Just when you thought it was fixed, lanes were closed, and concrete barriers were put up and it was torn up yet again.

Will the construction ever end?

Hopefully one day it will be smooth driving in that area, but for now, it is not.   If you happen to drive that section of I-27, you know how dangerous it is, especially at night or early in the morning.  Most of the in-town portion of I-27 has lights, lighting the way you drive on I-27, but the part of I-27 that is currently under construction does not have lights.

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It's scary and extremely dangerous

I traveled that stretch of road driving downtown before the sun came up one early morning and truthfully, it scared me.  That area is down to two narrow lanes with the median divider on one side and concrete blocks on the other.  The lines dividing the lanes were faded and hard to see, and without the main lights shining over the highway, it was extremely dark and dangerous.  The headlights from my car were not enough light in that area.

I'm not the only one who has noticed the dangers of the construction and darkness

It’s been like that even when there’s no construction. And it’s DANGEROUS - WHITE KNUCKLE


It's so dark, I think  I'm going to have a wreck everytime I drive through there


You would think they would figure out a way to turn the lights on when they aren't working on the road


I find an alternate route, I don't like driving in the dark with all that construction and no light

I reached out to the Texas Department of Transportation, after driving I-27 to downtown in the dark.  They responded with the following statement:

According to the district, they are looking at a short in the wiring that is in the center median wall. They are currently working with the contractor for a resolution so those lights can go back to functioning in a normal operation. They do not have an estimate of when it will be repaired.

Hopefully, the problem will get fixed soon, but in the meantime, be cautious and alert as you travel this area.

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