I ran to Market Street last week. I needed to get some food for my weekly food prep. I walked in and saw the glorious Monopoly Game has started.

Now I will say I always get excited for this game. I have never won anything BIG! It’s just that being in radio I don’t get a lot of contests that I can actually enter and win. I get excited for this.

Every year I tell the cashier that this is the year I am going to win something on the board. Maybe this year it will come true.

I mean who hasn't had the dream of winning the million dollars? Or a family vacation? I mean there are tons of prizes. This year though, you only get 2 playing pieces per ticket and it seems they cut down the prizes a bit. It still will be fun to play.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Every time I go into Market Street and see a purchase I am already planning on buying have a bonus Monopoly piece with it, well I can't help but get smile. Just the thought of how many tickets I may end up with.

I really, though, didn't expect (even though I joked about it with the cashier) to get a duplicate so soon into the contest. I mean I only walked away with 4 tickets.....2 playing pieces on each one and I already have a duplicate.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Oh and there are not as many prizes as before. Still, though, I am excited to play anyway. I mean I shop there regardless so what if I add a nice prize to the mix?

It’s just the thoughts that maybe I can win something. Yes, I win free items. I actually won as an instant winner last night a bottle of Refreshe Water. Yes that is a win in my book. Free items are always good.

I think last year I ended up with multiple cans of tomato sauce, a few free avocados and aspirin. Any time I walk out with free items it is always nice. Especially when I win stuff that I would buy anyway. So score!