Starting in 2018 Spike TV is going to be getting a face-lift by changing to the Paramount Network.  To celebrate they will be airing a six-part miniseries titled, Waco.  As the name would suggest, the series will be about the infamous standoff between the Branch Dividians and authorities in Waco, Texas.

I’m going to miss the stellar programming that was Spike.  MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge), 1000 Ways To Die, Action Movie and Video Game award shows are all going to enter the realm of what used to be.  They are being replaced with new original scripted shows and movies from Paramount's catalog "celebrating 100 years of cinematic story telling."  The switch takes place on January 18, and on January 24 the Paramount Network will air Waco.  The series is based on a pair of biographies, one by a survivor and the other by the hostage negotiator.

For more trailers and info head over to the Paramount Network’s website.

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