It's something that I think most of us would never consider happening to us. You go to a church function that involves food, and you wind up with salmonella.

That's exactly what happened, though, in Amarillo last weekend and now the City is investigating.

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Enchiladas, Church, And Salmonella In Amarillo

The City of Amarillo put out a press release this week regarding an investigation that's being conducted over a salmonella outbreak. The outbreak is being traced to an enchilada meal that was served last Sunday (3/27) at St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

What You Need To Be On The Lookout For

The press release from the City of Amarillo states that one, if you have any food items from the event you need to throw them away.

Two, symptoms of salmonella to be on the lookout for include:

  • diarrhea
  • abdominal cramps
  • fever

Contact Your Doctor

If you have symptoms, the City of Amarillo urges you to contact your doctor. Also, you get 24 hours free from work.

From the press release:

Individuals experiencing symptoms after eating food from the event should contact their primary care doctor. Anyone experiencing diarrhea and fever should not return to work, school or daycare until symptom-free for 24 hours.

They also included instructions for healthcare providers in the press release. The City urges providers who treat a patient who ate at the event to contact APHD by calling 806-378-6307.

Another Reminder To Practice Good Hygiene

You would think in 2022 people would have it permanently etched in their minds to wash your hands frequently. However, the reminder is still there in the City of Amarillo's press release regarding the salmonella outbreak.

To help prevent even more infections from happening, wash your hands and be sure to disinfect surfaces.

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