Ok so I've been here for half a year now. Keep in mind, I've moved a lot and lived in a lot of different places.

Making friends is not something I've ever really struggled with.

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However, things seem to be a bit different in Amarillo and I can't figure out why.

Now in Austin, we made a lot of friends through our kids sports. Sitting at baseball games or tourneys, me coaching their kids, etc. We have made life long friends via kids sports.

Now when I say friends, I mean people we spend weekends with when we're not playing sports all day. People we invite over for holidays and share our lives with. Not people that are just acquaintances with when we're sharing a common interest.

Maybe we haven't been social enough outside of those events, or maybe it's just not that kind of city? Don't get me wrong, we've made a few friends here. However, we've only hung out with friends outside of sports or other activities once. Are we just not being social enough?

I was cruising around on Reddit and saw a user post something about making friends here. They mentioned they've tried getting on different apps and whatnot to find people with common interests. They said they had a core group of friends that all hung out together during the summer, but has since fallen off and they've struggled to find people who are willing to stick to plans to hang out.

I've noticed this city seems to be very introverted. I'm not in any way saying that's a bad thing, but I can understand where that user is coming from. We're used to everyone either having a get together at their house, planning a game night or just simply heading out for a little Sunday day drinking. Either that doesn't happen here, or we just haven't tried hard enough ourselves to find that.

So what IS the secret to finding those kinds of friends in Amarillo? We've got some people we really like on the kids baseball teams, and I'll admit we haven't done a great job of reaching out to those people to see if they just want to get together. But is there a secret formula that has to be cracked here? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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