Last night I got into a panic!!! I looked at the calendar at about 10:30 and realized I haven't done my taxes yet. So I went into a mad dash of gathering W-2s, 1099's and all kinds of other forms my wife and I got this year and sat down and got to work

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The worst had happened. somehow I ended up owing a few bucks, nothing big, not gonna rocket me into the poorhouse or worse yet living in a dumpster hoping I don't get tore up. I at least got them done and in but if you're in a panic, I got good news:

We all have been given an extension...

Joe Raedle
Joe Raedle

Now before you go into a panic only to find out you're the only one at the post office tonight (which isn't open late.) We all have been given a break. At least those of us living here in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana and it's thanks in part to the winter storm that knocked many parts of the lone star back in to the literal dark ages for a few days. topped with the icing of COVID-19 and the new date the IRS has set for us is June 15th

Take a deep breath, you have a little more time to file and hopefully you get nothing but an amazing refund coming your way. June 15th may seem like a long way off now but it will be here before you know it. Oh! maybe you would like another 10 grand on top of your refund? We got a little something going on here too.

Happy Filing!

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