It may not be a brand new concept, but it is a more recent concept to Amarillo.  It's a place to release some steam—a place to go to let out all the rage.

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Have you ever heard of a rage room?  Have you taken your rage out in a rage room?

Just the word rage sets off a certain air of violence.  However, a rage room is just the opposite.  It's a place to release rage, anger, anxiety, and stress—a place to let it all out on inanimate objects.

What is a rage room?

It's a place where people can go and vent and take out their anger by destroying objects.  Let's just put it this way, you can go all Office Space on some old printers.  Don't get the reference? Check it out here (heads up the audio isn't office or family-friendly).

The same great families that brought you Copper Axe Throwing, are bringing you House of Rage.  House of Rage will be located by Copper Axe Throwing at 6801 S. Bell Suite 800.

On one hand, you can go and throw axes at targets and have fun with friends, family, co-workers, and dates.  On the other, you can go into their rage room and beat the heck out of things, possibly with an axe, hammer, or baseball bat.  Don't worry, it's all safe, you'll be provided with all the safety equipment before you enter the room and get all ragey.

This won't be the first rage room for Amarillo, however, the other rage room, is shown as temporarily closed on Google.

Get great Amarillo for House of Rage!

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