We found him – the only person left on this planet who has yet to hear the "Baby Shark" song.

A great-grandfather has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a video of his attempt to read a "Baby Shark" book to his great-granddaughter.

Great-Grandpa Goes Viral On TikTok

If you haven't checked in on the popular kids song in recent years, you should know the original upload of the video to YouTube currently sits at 14.3 billion views. The tune has since sparked animated shows, stage production and even breakfast cereal.

Despite its ginormous presence, not everyone has yet become familiar with the Baby Shark brand.

TikTok user @cristalenap recently shared a short video of her 83-year-old father reading a book based on the popular song to her granddaughter. Only problem was he had no idea what or who a "Baby Shark" was.

"Dumb sharks. They all say the same thing." the bewildered great-grandfather says to the child before turning toward the camera. "People make this up and they buy it."

Maybe it would have been different if he realized he was reading song lyrics instead of a story. Either way, TikTok is loving the video, which now has more than 12 million views.

Great-Grandfather's Hilarious Reaction To Going Viral

Within days, the story time video featuring a confused great-grandpa was shared by several outlets on both social media and through articles written about its popularity.

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Cristalena figured she would show her dad all of the coverage he's been getting thanks to his confusion over "Baby Shark."

Let's just say that he had better things to do.

In a follow-up video, we see the man reading an article about he viral video. When he's finished, he puts the phone down and goes right back to enjoying his meal without saying a word about what he just read.

Since he doesn't know "Baby Shark," he at least doesn't have to worry about the catchy song being stuck in his head all day.

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