A campaign of sorts has been brewing to get a mural in Canyon done, much like some of the murals in Amarillo. The mural would be done by an artist who has been using art to make a positive impact in the panhandle for quite a while now.

Joey Martinez
Joey Martinez

Meet The Artist Joey Martinez

It doesn't take long when talking to Joey about his art to realize that these murals are more than just paint. Since he was a kid, Joey has been using his talents to make a positive impact.

Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Joey used his art to bring people together. Soon it would become his passion.

As a Marine, Joey traveled the world. After six-and-a-half years, Joey took a job at Pantex.

Troubled times were ahead, and in those times Joey found himself battling with depression. He enrolled in classes, and began pursuing his passion for art.

Now, Joey is working on his master's and a minor, in painting and sculpting respectively.

Joey Martinez
Joey Martinez

Chances Are, You're Already Very Familiar With His Work

Joey has done several murals in the panhandle. Among his several pieces in Amarillo, you'll find his work at 10th and Taylor and the Rick Husband International Airport. He's also done several pieces in Lubbock, and is either in the process of or has done pieces in Borger, Shamrock, and Wheeler.

A Joey Martinez Mural Would Be A Great Thing For Canyon

Not only is his work amazing, but he also has ties to Canyon. He's currently at WT, pursuing his dream of one day teaching art at the collegiate level. Not only would the piece highlight the best aspects of Canyon, but it would be done by someone who made Canyon a piece of their mission to make a positive impact on the world through art.

You can view more of his work by checking out his Instagram page here.

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