I just love seeing stories of people who are from the area and making it big. I mean you think growing up you need to be in Los Angeles, you have to be part of that Hollywood scene to make it.

Young Jack Austin is an up-and-coming actor and one that you need to be on the look for. He already has a few credits to his name at his young age. Oh, and he got his start right here at Anderson Model and Talent Agency. Right here in Amarillo.

credit: Jack Austin website
credit: Jack Austin website

I am going to keep an eye out for his upcoming Lifetime and Hulu movie, "What Lies Behind Closed Doors."

The premise of the movie sounds pretty interesting. From the Lifetime Movie website:

When nanny Kim accidentally discovers that her employer, Steven, is having an affair with his kids’ Spanish tutor, she decides to keep it to herself so as not to risk splitting his family apart. But when Steven’s mistress is murdered and he tells the police that he hasn’t seen her in months, Kim realizes she’s the only person who knows he’s lying and she’s determined to learn why.

This movie actually premieres on Friday night so we don't have to wait too long. Of course, I wanted to see what I could find out about Jack. The first tell-tale sign is if someone has an IMDB page. That is what I always go to first. He does.

Check it out HERE. Of course, he has a website too. Jack has been in several national commercials and did a comedy called "Kidz Radio". I feel like I need to find this and check it out.

This may be someone down the road that we will still be watching and say "hey remember when he got his start in Amarillo?"

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