Kelly Clarkson is gearing up for her first time as a coach on The Voice, and a new trailer promises a fun season. The three-time Grammy winner is set to join the cast of coaches for Season 14 alongside Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys. In a 60-second clip, Clarkson proves to be a favorite coach to the contestants.

"Hey Adam, who do you think she's going to pick to be her coach?" Shelton asks in the clip. Levine then hits the red button that normally turns each coach's chair around as the speakers play a soundbite from the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, when Steve Carell famously screams Clarkson's name as his chest is being waxed.

Later, stunned by one contestant's performance, Clarkson asks who her influences are. Her response? "You!" much to Clarkson's surprise. "I would really love to do for someone on this show what was done for me," Clarkson — who launched her career via American Idol —  muses.

There may be some drama between Clarkson and Shelton, as one scene has the two in a brawl about turning their chairs around. "Kelly, welcome to my world of pain," Levine says.

Clarkson previously told US Weekly that her favorite part of The Voice is the blind audition, where the judges don't see the contestants when they sing for the first time.

“That literally is the thing that separates The Voice for me . . . It’s a rare opportunity that this show represents that people might not get through on other shows,” Clarkson said. “That’s my favorite part of the show. It is interesting to make it about talent first. That’s why I love this show.”

Season 14 of The Voice premieres on Feb. 26 on NBC.

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