We are so humbled to be nominated one of the best radio stations in Amarillo in this year's Best of Amarillo contest! THANK YOU! We appreciate all the comments you give us on a daily basis about being fun, having great music, and being your new favorite.

We feel weird asking, but if you wouldn't mind, we would really love to have your official vote! Here's how you vote for 101.9 The Bull in this year's Best of Amarillo:

  1. Go to https://amarillo.gatehousecontests.com/Best-of-Amarillo-2019/
  2. If you want to skip to just radio stations, click on the "Media" button.
  3. The just hit the VOTE button for 101.9 The Bull!

Voting is open right now, so don't wait. And you can vote once per day, so please vote for us as often as you can! WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU!

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