Information in this OpEd regarding the availability of Saturday edition of the newspaper has been amended to clarify its availability as an e-edition. 

Do you remember back in the day? There would be two newspapers a day. Yes, two newspapers a day here in Amarillo. The Sunday paper used to be the highlight of the week. Oh, and I remember hunting down a paper on Thanksgiving so we didn't miss any of those Black Friday ads.

Oh how the times have changed. I remember when the announcement was made to go down to just one paper per day. That decision happened back in 2001. I saw the writing on the wall there.

The Globe News then moved their printing to Lubbock. Another hit. They moved out of their massive building Downtown on South Harrison back in 2018. They moved their small operation to the First Bank Southwest building also Downtown.

So when I saw this photo as I was scrolling through Facebook it shouldn't have come as a surprise really. They are now turning their Saturday edition into an e-edition only. No more 7-days a week papers.

credit: Chip Chandler
credit: Chip Chandler

This was spotted at the Walmart on Gem Lake Road. It's going to be weird not having a full scale daily newspaper.

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It saddens me because I have seen several great people come and go through the Amarillo Globe News. I have made many friendships there. How can once a great place go this way?

They keep wanting us to sign up and pay, remind you, for their digital experience. Really? That is never going to happen. You can get all the news elsewhere for free. I know that newspapers are a dying breed. It's sad to see. Really it is.

Moving most of the stuff to Lubbock really has been the beginning of the end for Amarillo's paper.

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