I guess Facebook can't tell the difference between a joke and a threat. It's either that, or maybe threats aren't a joke. Or it could be that I should not joke in a threatening manner.

I used to look down on the people who got banned on Facebook. How could they be so stupid as to not be able to follow some relatively simple rules? I figured these folks lacked impulse control and just couldn't be nice and play with others. What I've found is that things can be taken out of context and you can also be reported for something that's not bad, and there's really no chance to prove you were falsely accused of something.

This time I'll admit, it's my bad. First off, I almost never post anything on anyone's personal page (with the exception I'll get to below). I will, on rare occasions, post on really big accounts that are essentially big bulletin boards.

There is a comedy Facebook page belonging to "God." It's a funny thread and it has 3.9 million likes. It's a HUGE page. Well, on this page they often have people who've been involved in some very heinous behavior. I always put the same comment under these posts. I always write "F**k this guy." Yup, I save time thinking of important political points and I just write "F**k this guy" whether it's a guy, a girl or group.

My mistake was that apparently a couple of weeks ago under a post (and I don't even know which one), I wrote "F**k this guy, please kill him." Okay, I know that sounds harsh, but I was writing it on a page hosted by a cartoon god. It's a parody page, a satire page, and it's not a page for hiring spiritual hitmen.

My offense got me a three-day ban and a stern lesson. I'm not posting anything, anywhere except on my own page with the exception of birthdays. That's also the reason I revealed my mistake to you. I try to send birthday greetings to every one of my 4,956 Facebook friends and I can't do it for three days. I'm very sorry if I missed your birthday because I'm in the Facebook doghouse.

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