It's hard to find folks who aren't big into Macaroni and Cheese. Lets face it the concoction of cheese and elbow pasta noodles just seems to be a universal comfort food. It may not be the best thing for you but who cares?! It's mac and cheese and today we are celebrating it across the Panhandle

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Eating a bite of cheesy macaroni and cheese

Now I don't want to get too much into the history of it, but the gloriousness that is Mac and Cheese first came to be in 14th century Italy where it basically is a spin off of casserole. It eventually made it's way to the US via one of our founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson after he and his chef brought the recipe back with them after a trip to Paris.

Ok... Ok.. So where's the best macaroni in Amarillo? There is nothing scientific about the rankings here and I'm sure I missed a hole in the wall somewhere. And for the purposes of this post it needs to be a true mac and cheese.

Tylers BBQ

Not surprisingly some of the best Mac and Cheese can be found at BBQ Joints. Tylers tops the list with a green chile option. you can also opt for bacon or just plain jane. any way you go here is a winner.

Spicy Mikes BBQ

Like Tyler's this is a side dish for the great 'Cue they serve up here, while green chile isn't involved the spicy mac is worth eating and could stand on it's own as an entrée.

Cracker Barrel

Yeah, Trying to avoid the chains here, but they do it right, nice and creamy. if you happen to pair up with the homestyle chicken they serve on Sunday, you're in for a treat. Just watch the sodium... your cardiologist will thank you.

Shi Lee's Barbecue and Soul Food

Don't need to explain much here, the 3rd street stop has quickly become one of my favorites and the Mac is through the roof. Pair with their sweet tea and you're in heaven here.

Mac and cheese, american style macaroni pasta in cheesy sauce

There's plenty of love for fast food mac too, Chick Fil A checks in with a great option which actually is relatively new to the menu. Or if you're in a hurry... the ol blue box works just fine too.

Happy Eating Y'all!!!

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