One of the many great things about Amarillo is the variety of places where you can grab a delicious meal. Some of these places are special because they are locally owned and have a hometown feel. However, it's always heartbreaking when one of these places closes its doors.

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Unfortunately, Amarillo is losing one of those locally-owned restaurants.

Malcolm Ice Cream and Food Temptations

Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett

Malcolm's has been open in Amarillo since 1986 serving up some of the best food and desserts in Amarillo.   Malcolm's has been the place to go in Amarillo when you want some down-home cooking or a great dessert.  Some of the best things on their menu is the spicy chicken bits and their delicious BLT.

We cannot get over their delicious dessert selections.   They have the most amazing banana splits and strawberry shortcakes, and well if you haven't had one of their milkshakes you need to go now before it is too late.

Malcolm's is Closing Permanently

Their last day of business will be Sunday, June 30th, they will close for good at 3 PM.

A little over a year ago, Amarillo flooded and the parts that were hit the hardest were Olsen and Paramount.  The flood waters entered the businesses along these areas and damaged many restaurants including Malcolm's.  This led to the business closing until they could remodel the damage to their restaurant.  Due to this and a lack of sales, they are closing.

We have not been able to recover since the flood last year-and sales are unfortunately low. Very tough and emotional decision.

It's a heartbreaking realization that this locally owned business will be closing its doors for good.  It's been a staple in Amarillo for 38 years and will now be gone.

We will all miss Malcolm's, many memories were made inside their doors, many tastebuds were tempted by their amazing food, and it will truly be missed.

Don't miss your chance to enjoy Malcolm's one last time, before they say goodbye on Sunday.

As a closing note, when choosing a place to shop or eat, please choose local. These are the people who live in our city, put money back into our city, and raise their families in our city. Let's make sure we support our local businesses before choosing a chain.

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