We have teamed up with Chauncy's Automotive to give an Amarillo family in need a pre-owned dodge caravan!

Do you know a family who needs a vehicle to get around? They work hard but never seem to catch a break?

Well, we've teamed up with Chauncy's Automotive to bring a Miracle on 34th Street to a family in need. Chauncy will provide a pre-owned Dodge Caravan. Chauncy has put a brand new Jasper Engine covered under Warranty.

Chauncy will also cover the Tax and Title Fees for the Van and on top of that Chauncy will also cover 6 months of vehicle insurance.

So we want you to nominate a family who really needs this. Tell us their story and why we should choose them to win. Fill out the form below and the deadline to register is December 1st.

The winner must have a valid driver's license to win. The winner must live within a 50-mile radius of the City of Amarillo. You can get more information in our terms and conditions and contest rules page.


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