The controversy over breastfeeding in public may have been overshadowed by a whole new breastfeeding debate.

Jessica Anne Colletti, 27, is a mother from Conshohocken, Penn. who breastfeeds both her son -- as well as her friend's son. She's been doing it for nearly a year.

Don't believe us? Check out a (potentially NSFW) photo she posted on Mama Bean's Facebook page below:

So, how exactly did this happen? According to the New York Daily News:

The milky situation started last year after Colletti met Charlie Interrante, 25, at a magazine photo shoot for new mothers, and Interrante mentioned her trouble nursing her son, Mateo, now 18 months old.Interrante wasn’t able to pump her own milk for Mateo at her job as a barber, and Mateo had trouble digesting formula."

Interrante has since moved in with Colletti (and her husband), who says, "It just seemed like the natural thing to do because I was already breastfeeding my son."

Colletti's photo and decision to breastfeed both kids has incited a whirlwind of controversy. Some people think it's a beautiful gesture, while others think it's gross.

Colletti, meanwhile, continues to defend her actions. "I think people have misinformation and fear," she tells People. "They think it's gross bodily fluid that shouldn't be shared or transferred in any way. And I can understand, if people are receiving donated breast milk, they want to have it tested, but if you know the mother directly and she's healthy, and you know everything about her, it's a perfectly healthy relationship to have."

Where do you stand on the issue?

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