When it comes to being a parent no parent wants to be a single parent.  Life happens and things happen and you find yourself as a single mom its a plus when you're in a good city.

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I found myself a single mom 11 years ago, and it's tough especially when you are doing it all by yourself.  I have lived in Amarillo most of my adult life, and when I found myself single with a toddler, I was thankful that Amarillo was my home.

I was blessed with a really awesome childcare facility that worked with my outrageously early schedule.  They let me drop my child off before everyone else, and they were also able to take my child to and from school.  They were a lifesaver for me, and they were reasonably priced.  They really did help me raise my son and we all cried when he finally outgrew daycare.

Amarillo was and is a great place for me as a single mom, but Amarillo is a great place for any single mom.  In fact, according to a new study, Amarillo is in the top 100 in 2022’s Best Cities for Single Moms.

Lawnstarter.com compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 36 key metrics. They looked for safe, affordable cities with ample child care and community support, high-quality education and health care, and a decent work-life balance.

Amarillo ranked #91 in the study, which I think is amazing since it is in the top 100 cities.  

Here is where they ranked in the different categories:

  • Affordability: 74
  • Child Care: 13
  • Health and Education: 144
  • Home and Outdoors: 65
  • Work-Life Balance: 165
  • Community Support: 126

The best city for single moms is Roseville, California.  The worst city in the U.S. for single moms is (surprise, surprise) Detroit, Michigan.

Lubbock came in at 98 on the list and Frisco was the only city in Texas in the top 10, at #13.

If you are a single mom, then you're in a great city.

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