No reports yet of the West Nile virus in the area, but reports excluate around August and September. Those months are when most cases are reported and city officials hope this summer is low for the virus.

Health department officials have said the recent rains have created a breeding ground for  the mosquitoes around standing water and this past weekend those pesky mosquitoes were out.

neovictorian @ Flickr
neovictorian @ Flickr

Get rid of standing water around your house, because it is the start of a breeding ground for mosquitoes. From the time the egg is laid in standing water or the mud, it's takes about five days for the egg to hatch into a adult mosquito.

If people will check and eliminate the standing water on their property, they have a better chance of diminishing large population of mosquitoes. Plus, it is important to protect yourself and your family from the virus.

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