Google has become a necessity in life.

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Don't know the answer to a question?  Google it.   Need to know when a place of business opens, Google it.  Worried about weird symptoms you are having?  Goggle it.

Google isn't just a place on the internet, it's now a verb and an action we all take on a daily basis.  We all ask it weird questions, but have you ever wondered what the most popular question Googled is in Texas.

It was quite disappointing to find out,

Where is the internet?

That has been the most Googled question in Texas.  Where. Is. The. Internet?

Here are the other most popular questions that Texans have Googled.

Most Googled Questions in Texas

Google has become the go-to to find out anything. In fact, Google is now a verb instead of a noun. Just about every single person has access to Google and now they have an answer to every single question at their fingertips.

In one day, Google does 8.5 billion searches. That's in one day!

With that many searches you would think people would come up with some interesting questions, but no these are the questions Texans are asking Google the most.

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