We all know the city for Sin in the US is Las Vegas, Nevada.  Their nickname is even Sin City.  However, Las Vegas isn't the only city for sin and this Texas city is coming after the title of Sin City.

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According to a new study, looked at 180 cities across the United States and found the most sinful cities.  Of course, Las Vegas came in at #1 because it is Sin City and full of debauchery.   However, one would expect the second most sinful city in the United States to be New York or Los Angeles, but no, the 2nd most sinful city in the US landed in Texas.

Houston, Texas is #2 in the country

Houston, Texas, USA Drone Skyline Aerial Panorama.

Houston is apparently filled with a lot of sin.  According to the study Houston was ranked #1 when it comes to lust.  The city is filled with lusty people looking for quick love.  They landed #6 when it comes to Vanity and #8 for Jealousy.  I can see that if you are the #1 city in the country for lust, jealousy couldn't be far behind.

Houston wasn't the only Texas city that landed in the Top 10 Sinful Cities.  Dallas landed itself at #7 overall.  Dallas ranked #5 overall for lust and #9 for vanity.   With that said, it looks like Texas is fairly lusty and vane.

Laredo, Texas ended up being #10 (#135 on the sinful list) when it comes to the least sinful city in the US.

Other Sinful Texas Cities:

San Antonio - 29
Austin - 30
Fort Worth - 70
Corpus Christi - 93
Arlington - 104
Grand Prairie - 7
Garland - 113
El Paso - 120
Lubbock - 129
Amarillo - 135
Plano - 150
Brownsville - 163

If Texas allowed gambling, then it's highly probable that Las Vegas would be knocked off the top of the list.

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