Wonderland Park is one of the fun places we have in Amarillo.  I remember going to Wonderland Park as a kid and riding the boats and the helicopters and the train.  I love that I can take my son to Wonderland Park now and he loves some of the rides that I used to love as a kid.  Wonderland Park has old and new favorites and they always seem to add a new ride every few years.  So what is your favorite ride?

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

Here's a list of my favorite rides at Wonderland

1. The Fantastic Journey

I know it is cheesy but I love it.  I love riding through the "fun scary house".  I like to ride it to see what they have changed each year or if that have changed something.  However, that stupid bus/truck still gets me every time.

2. Himalaya

This is a fun ride, plus depending where you are in the seat you get to squish people.  The only thing I miss is the Himalaya is it going backwards.  Can you please talk them into taking it backwards again.

3. The Rainbow Ride

This is one of the newer rides at Wonderland.  It's takes you up in a circle, however, one of the things I love the most about it, is the view when you are at the very top of the ride.

4. The Pirate Ship

I have always loved the pirate ship.  I love that feeling you get in your stomach when it drops.  The ship disappeared for a long time, but I was so glad when they added it back into the park.

5. Sky Ride

I love this ride because you get to see the whole park and for a few minutes you get to chill.  Plus if you have lost someone in your party, you go cruise the park and when you see them, you scream and wave and say "Hey, Meet me at the Texas Tornado".

You'll notice I didn't include any of the water rides.  That's just a personal thing for me, I hate getting wet in regular clothes.  I will ride them, but not my favorites.  I know you probably have your personal favorites, so let us know what your favorite rides are at Wonderland.  Share them with us in the comments below or take our poll.

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