If you look up the definition of the word "normal" in the dictionary you will find the description"

 "conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern."

When you used in a sentence the first example is "He had a normal childhood". It is fascinating that the phrase "normal childhood" makes it in the dictionary. What is a normal childhood? For me, it was jumping the trampoline, swinging at the park, and most importantly... playing sports. But for children with a disability playing sports was their dream, not the norm. Until now.

A new program at Kids Inc in Amarillo called Kids Inclusion that will provide new opportunities for kids with disabilities to play sports adapted to their skill level and needs. Kids with and without disabilities can play on the same team to promote teamwork and inclusion from everyone.

The first event in the Kid Inclusion teams will be a track and field Olympic style decathlon.

To learn more or to register your child, go to www.kidsinc.org/kidsinclusion.


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