With the holidays right around the corner, Sony decided that rolling out a few more PlayStation 4 bundles wouldn't hurt anybody.

It seems that in the theme of getting everybody exactly what they want, Sony has decided to bring forth more PlayStation 4 bundles. As posted on PlayStation Blog, Sony decided its previous bundles like its Destiny and Grand Theft Auto V bundles weren't enough to satisfy its customers and so now it's giving you even more choices.

For the price of the console alone--$399.99--you can get the console and a choice of one out of four games. When bought, inside you will see a voucher for either LittleBigPlanet 3, Destiny, Far Cry 4, or NBA 2K15. With so many blockbuster titles to choose from, you'll have to ask yourself which is more important--shooting people in the face, riding elephants, dribbling a ball, or super cute burlap dudes.

The bundles are available now for purchase so that you can snatch them up just in time for the holidays.

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