A much loved Amarillo store is getting an upgrade.

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Not long ago it was announced that certain Bed Bath & Beyond stores were closing.  Although, the list didn't really tell what Bed Bath & Beyond stores were closing.  Most of the stores closing, were in different markets and aren't doing well financially.

Obviously, Amarillo's Bed Bath & Beyond, must be doing well because they are still open, and remodeling.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

I just happened to be out running errands in the area and they were repainting the façade of the building.

Not only that, shipping containers fill up the parking lot by McDonald's.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

If you love shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, then you're going to love shopping there once they have the remodel done.

My guess, is the new remodel will be more user friendly for the shopper.  Plus, it will probably include easier ways of shopping Bed Bath & Beyond.

In fact, I reached out to Bed Bath & Beyond Corporate and this is that whey had to say:

“We are happy to share that our Bed Bath & Beyond store in Amarillo is undergoing a full-scale remodel and redesign to provide customers with a modern in-store shopping experience. Updates include lower sightlines, wider aisles and neatly arranged products that inspire customers to explore and shop our authoritative product assortment for every room of the home. Customers can also upgrade their shopping experiences by utilizing the Bed Bath & Beyond mobile app 'in-store shopping mode' that allows them to more easily navigate the store, view additional product information, create registry lists, and shop for additional colors, sizes and products. The Amarillo store has stayed open during its remodel and it’s almost complete, so we encourage our local customers to visit us to experience the new Bed Bath & Beyond.”

Photo Courtesy: Bed Bath and Beyon
Photo Courtesy: Bed Bath and Beyond

When we hear a store is closing we tend to get sad and sentimental.  I know for myself, I think, "there goes another store."   I know with the pandemic, and with massive online shopping, our store fronts are losing money.   It's great to see an upgrade to the stores we love.   Everything deserves an upgrade every now and again.

As easy as it is to shop online, shopping in stores still brings us instant gratification.  "Oh, my coffee maker broke, I need a new one today. "  You can run to your favorite store, and that could very well be Bed, Bath and Beyond, and you can walk out with a new coffee maker that day.

This is still the great thing about shopping in the store.  You get it right then and there.   The pandemic also made stores evolve to serve the customer as well.

So yay, we didn't lose our Bed Bath & Beyond but we are getting a upgraded store soon.

Even though they are remodeling, you can still shop for all your favorite items.

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